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Inspiring the aspiring: AsapSCIENCE at SUS Academia Week

The dynamic and informative SUS Academia Week, which ran this year from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9, came to an enlightening conclusion on Friday night. Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, self-proclaimed ‘science communicators’ and creators of the popular science YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE, presented this year’s keynote lecture, “Into the Future […]

Q&A: YouTube’s Lilly Singh on confidence and life post-grad

A scroll through Lilly Singh’s YouTube channel, called "llSuperwomanll," includes shots of the star wearing wigs and colourful costumes, impersonating her parents, and collaborating with fellow YouTubers to produce outlandish sketch scenes—sometimes all within the same video. Her 12 million subscribers eat her eccentric humour right up, and on July […]

Pop Rhetoric: Youtube star JonTron’s unfortunate foray into alt-right politics

Millions of fans around the world love Jon Jafari—the creator of the JonTronShow and former Game Grumps host. For six years, his videos have brought tears of laughter to anyone fortunate enough to have discovered his channel—yet, with his recent foray into the alt-right and white supremacist political spheres, his […]