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A street-Kart named desire

Like most students returning to Montreal for the Fall semester, Matthew Hawkins, U3 Arts, is weathering out his 14-day quarantine in his apartment. During his spare time, he decided to hone his Mario-Kart skills. “I’ve seen vlogs, read captions, and watched stories of people quarantining, and I knew I’d have[Read More…]

The science behind back injuries

Canadian health organizations are increasingly pushing people to become more active. Groups such as the Canadian Paediatric Society are promoting programs like Active Kids, Healthy Kids, while the Canadian government is implementing programs that encourage activities such as dance and running. As sports and fitness become more popular, the risk[Read More…]

The science of knee injuries

With today’s proliferation of high-intensity sports, the number of knee injuries in North America over the past decade has skyrocketed. Since knee injuries vary depending on a person’s sport, age, and sex, different people may experience different knee injuries in their lives.  Shawn Robbins, a professor in the School of[Read More…]

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