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McGill Senate demands increased transparency in budgetary allocations

Questions regarding student services funding At the April 22 McGill Senate meeting, Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) President Courtney Ayukawa, Vice-President University Affairs Claire Stewart-Kanigan, Arts & Science Senator Chloe Rourke and Arts Senator Jacob Greenspon voiced concerns over the allocation of provincial government grants specified for student services[Read More…]

Senate discusses funding for Office for Students with Disabilities

  Allocation of government funding for students with disabilities Arts & Science Senator Chloe Rourke expressed concerns regarding funding for services for students with disabilities, including the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD), in conjunction with the uncertainty behind McGill’s budget cuts.  In response, Provost Anthony Masi stated that although[Read More…]

Policy proposes further integration of research methods into undergraduate coursework

Terry Hébert, professor of Pharmacology at McGill raised a question to the McGill Senate last Wednesday regarding the incorporation of research into undergraduate teaching. The question was posed to follow up on a discussion at the November 2014 Senate meeting about the logistical challenges of providing every undergraduate student with[Read More…]

Senate discusses implementing recommendations of Mental Health Working Group

McGill’s mission statement and principles Senators raised concerns about the wording of McGill’s mission statement—specifically the linkage between  academic freedom and responsibility.  “In fulfilling its mission, McGill University embraces the principles of academic freedom and responsibility, integrity, accountability, equity, inclusiveness, and respect for cultural and individual diversity,” the proposed statement of[Read More…]

McGill’s late course withdrawal policy passed by Senate

The McGill Senate passed a motion last Wednesday to make official a late withdrawal policy that would allow students facing extreme circumstances to withdraw from all the courses they are taking in their current semester without the withdrawal being marked on their academic transcripts. The revised University Policy on Late[Read More…]

McGill to review expenditures in light of budget cuts

Senate addresses budget cuts McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier addressed various concerns regarding the impact of provincial budget cuts on the university’s budget and services at last Wednesday’s Senate meeting. The Quebec government announced in the middle of November that $4.8 million would be cut from McGill’s budget, in addition to[Read More…]

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