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McGill Governance 101

STUDENTS’ SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY (SSMU) What it does: SSMU is McGill’s highest level of student government responsible for supervising undergraduate clubs and extracurricular activities, managing and ensuring the sustainability of long-term operations such as the student bar Gerts’, advocating for student interests in the McGill Senate, and planning social[Read More…]

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Senate discusses free speech and naming policies

McGill’s Senate convened for the third time this academic year on Nov. 20 to discuss the lack of policies in place for screening external organizations that use McGill facilities, the naming of university assets, and the future of international diversity on campus.   Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Vice-President (VP)[Read More…]

Senate discusses revisions to the Sexual Violence Policy

Senators discussed the proposed revisions to the McGill Sexual Violence Policy (SVP) at the latest McGill Senate meeting on Feb. 20. The University first adopted a sexual violence policy in 2016, but new provincial legislation, specifically Bill 151, mandates that all Quebec universities implement sexual violence policies in accordance with[Read More…]

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