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Grunge that’s not Nirvana

“Touch Me I’m Sick” Artist: Mudhoney Album: Single Released: March, 1988 Mudhoney stands as one of the major—yet completely overshadowed—forerunners of the Seattle Grunge scene. “Touch Me I’m Sick,” their debut single, brought the dirty, fuzzy, bass-driven sound pervading the city’s indie scene to the cultural fore, paving the way[Read More…]

Album Review: Odesza – In Return

Having made names for themselves in their local electronic music scene, Seattle-based Catacombkid (aka Harrison Mills) and BeachesBeaches (aka Clayton Knight) brought their individual talents together to create ODESZA in 2012. Since then, the partnership has flourished, as demonstrated by the duo’s dynamic sophomore album, In Return. The record is[Read More…]

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