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Race education workshop added to Rez Project

In January 2016, a new workshop for students in McGill Residences was held for the first time, titled Rez Project: Race and Colonialism. Referred to as Race Project, the workshop was the second part of the Rez Project series,  including a segment on gender, sexuality, and consent. Interim Resident Life[Read More…]

Let’s Talk About Race

At McGill, issues surrounding sexuality, gender, and consent have come to the forefront of campus dialogue in recent years; however, the same awareness of racial equality and representation does not exist. Conversations about racial issues are so invisible that many students are not even aware that there is anything to[Read More…]

Editorial: On sexual assault, unacceptable gaps remain in McGill’s redress procedures

As McGill works on drafting a new sexual assault policy, one survivor’s experience demonstrated that our administration and faculty associations are failing in their responsibility to provide adequate redress to students who have been sexually assaulted. After an incident at an undergraduate departmental event where the survivor was allegedly sexually[Read More…]

Margaret Scratcher

April Fools’ Issue 2015

The McGill Tribune presents its articles for its annual April Fools' Joke issue:  Stories   Margaret Scratcher claws her way up to SSMU presidency SSMU's global affairs votes reverberating across international borders Library Improvement Fund creates initiative to eliminate PDA Adriana Giordano selected first overall by Linguistics in Arts Draft[Read More…]

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