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Pop Rhetoric: Christopher Nolan and the cinema of abstraction

Christopher Nolan used to make movies about people. The director, along with his script-writing brother Jonathan Nolan, have made some of the best genre films of the past decade, including Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002), The Prestige (2006), and two-thirds of the Dark Knight trilogy. His recent movies—particularly his latest film, Interstellar—have confirmed a[Read More…]

Pop Rhetoric: The death of dialogue

The Death of Klinghoffer, composer John Adams’s opera about the Palestinian Liberation Front’s 1985 hijacking of passenger ship MS Achille Lauro and subsequent murder of handicap passenger Leon Klinghoffer, began its run at New York’s Metropolitan Opera Monday night.

Deep Cuts: Forgotten gems from one-hit wonders

Lawyers, Guns, and Money Artist: Warren Zevon Album: Excitable Boy Released: January 18, 1978 Though you probably don’t know who Warren Zevon was, you’ve probably heard “Werewolves of London” before—though it’s likely more often associated with Halloween or being one of the samples on Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” than[Read More…]

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