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Pop Dialectic: ‘Cats’ divides theatre aficionados

Every generation has its signature so-bad-it’s-good movie: Before there was The Room, there was Showgirls, then Plan 9 From Outer Space. This week, The McGill Tribune decided to investigate Cats, the newest addition to this canon.  A real cat-astrophe Gabe Nisker  One cat takes a couple of attempts to launch Bustopher Jones, performed […]

Pop Rhetoric: Youtube star JonTron’s unfortunate foray into alt-right politics

Millions of fans around the world love Jon Jafari—the creator of the JonTronShow and former Game Grumps host. For six years, his videos have brought tears of laughter to anyone fortunate enough to have discovered his channel—yet, with his recent foray into the alt-right and white supremacist political spheres, his […]