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Super Bowl LIII preview

On Feb. 3 in Atlanta, Georgia, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will face off in Super Bowl LIII. Seventeen years removed from a Patriots victory in the teams’ last Super Bowl clash, much has changed for the two franchises. The Rams moved back from St. Louis[Read More…]

Super Bowl LII predictions

Just 13 years ago, the New England Patriots took home the Lombardi Trophy against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. Two familiar faces remain from the original matchup: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick. Those two look to further cement their legacies as the greatest of[Read More…]

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

AFC: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Last weekend, the No. 1 seeded Denver Broncos managed to slide past a crippled Pittsburgh Steelers team missing its two best players. Rather than the dominating victory normally seen under future hall-of-fame quarterback Peyton Manning’s tenure, the game raised more questions than answers.[Read More…]

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NFL Divisional matchups preview

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers The first NFC divisional match will be a showdown of heavyweights: The 15-1 Carolina Panthers and the 2015 Super Bowl runner-up Seattle Seahawks face off. Although superstar signal callers Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are sure to provide entertainment, the key matchup will be between[Read More…]

NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football: Week 12 Takeaways

Week 12 was packed with primetime match-ups and exciting games. The Denver Broncos stunned the New England Patriots in overtime, and the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Cleveland Browns on a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown as time expired. As per usual, there were some big performances across the[Read More…]

NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy football: Week 10 Takeaways

Week 10 in the NFL was another reminder, as if fans needed one, that football is an unpredictable and heartless sport. The Green Bay Packers fell to the Detroit Lions, the New Orleans Saints to the Washington Redskins, the Denver Broncos to the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Cincinnati Bengals[Read More…]

NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football: Week 5 takeaways

Week 5 in the NFL produced some electrifying games that came down to the wire, with comeback victories for the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown threw for 457 yards in a stunning overtime win against the Baltimore Ravens,[Read More…]

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