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Solidarity in Montreal must outlast COVID-19

The Montreal Student Initiative for COVID-19 Response and Relief, a McGill student-led mutual aid group that formed during the pandemic, shut down on Oct. 1. Along with delivering material goods, such as food and prescriptions, to people in need, the group also organized virtual social events to connect their communities.[Read More…]

From across the fence

Don’t lie—I know you’ve observed your neighbours without them knowing. I do it, too. Montreal is full of neighbours peeking into each other’s lives, often without acknowledgement; after all, we are all strangers thrown into a shared space and compelled to coexist. And we all have windows, so naturally, we[Read More…]

In conversation with Cosmos Island

Amidst the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cosmos Island’s new EP Someplace offers its listeners an escape to a psychedelic dreamland. Someplace is an eclectic mix of ‘60s psychedelic rock and ‘80s synth pop with a modern indie rock flair with songs centered around finding a personal escape during difficult times. The[Read More…]

A love letter to Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Formula One weekend dominates Montreal in June, with groups of tourists wearing team-branded caps meandering around the city, and taking in the sights. This year, Formula One weekend was cancelled, along with all the events that surround it. Roaring engines, cheering crowds, and screeching tires have been replaced by the[Read More…]

Reinventing a life of leisure

Since the Quebec government declared a public health emergency in March 2020, Montreal, the province’s largest city, has lost hundreds of millions in tourism revenue. Many of Montreal’s major cultural events, such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, and Osheaga, which altogether bring in[Read More…]

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