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Know your rights

A common lack of knowledge for students regarding real estate processes can leave them vulnerable. Applications, contracts, leases, joint tenancy, and subletting, all make up the whirlwind of real estate jargon that can leave anyone mystified. House hunting for the first time can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. While it[Read More…]

Busking for thought

Noah Margo-Dermer worked in a summer camp as a music programming director for the past two summers. After the summer of 2013, Margo-Dermer decided to take a step into the world of busking. “After playing music so much over the summer, I missed it,” he said. “So out of the[Read More…]

Dialogue at the great divide

Those who have spent any considerable amount of time in Montreal are aware that the issue of multilingualism is more than simply one of communication. It’s a complex narrative of social history, political debate, and the search for individual identity—all inexorably linked to the myriad of personal histories that inform[Read More…]

A chef’s journey

  A chef’s upbringing influences hir or her cuisine. Chef Antonio Park, owner and chef of acclaimed Montreal restaurants Park and Lavanderia, is also the newest Chopped Canada judge, and has a unique background that has helped shape his outlook on food. Park was born in Argentina to Korean parents, and[Read More…]

Should you stay or should you go

For the majority of incoming, out-of-province McGill students, the choice to study at McGill over other universities is a fairly easy one. Between the school’s renowned academic reputation, diverse student body, extracurricular and research opportunities, and outstanding football program (gotcha), there’s already enough to attract most prospective students to  McGill—and[Read More…]

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