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Understanding El Niño

El Niño has been the latest buzzword explanation for  Montreal’s—and the world’s—unseasonably warm weather.  Normally, the prevailing wind patterns in the Pacific Ocean, known as trade winds, blow east to west. When these winds are weaker than usual, a buildup of warm and wet weather along the West Coast of[Read More…]

The Mile End’s musical history

For aspiring musicians, Montreal’s Mile End is the place to be. The likes of Arcade Fire, Grimes, and BRAIDS have emerged from its streets. Montreal is already famous for being a cultural and artistic hub, so it begs the question: What made the Mile End so unique? “The Mile End[Read More…]

Vittorio brings posters to life

Montreal Through The Eyes of Vittorio celebrates Vittorio Fiorucci (1932-2008), an Italian poster artist who established himself in Canada in the early ‘50s and whose work is now internationally renowned due to its iconic artwork and designs. The exhibit opens with a statement from Vittorio dated shortly before his his[Read More…]

Altering the face of history

ues change over time and so do the institutions that were created for specific purposes over various centuries. As cities expand, they are reorganized and refashioned in manners deemed suitable for the ever-evolving societies that inhabit them. Instead of knocking down and rebuilding infrastructure, many cities have repurposed oft-unused buildings[Read More…]

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