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From hustling to health

One evening this past semester, my roommates and I were discussing the McGill mascot, Marty the Martlet. Although we knew what Marty looked like, none of us had any idea what an actual martlet was. After some research, we discovered that our beloved mascot is based on an ancient mythological[Read More…]

Accessible care or adequate care: Students with eating disorders shouldn’t have to choose

McGill’s Mental Health and Counselling Services face a twofold challenge: Make mental health care efficient and accessible to all students, while ensuring that care is appropriate to each student’s specific needs. Given limited resources, it is not an easy balance to strike. But it is, fundamentally, a balance—not an either-or[Read More…]

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Evolving the mental health e-world

Every year, one in 10 McGill students will visit McGill’s Mental Health Service (MMHS). While this means the majority of students may never set foot in the quiet offices of the Brown Building’s fifth floor, MMHS actually ends up playing a role more crucial than ever for many individuals.  Mental[Read More…]

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