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Political conversation must break echo chambers at McGill in 2017

On Jan 12, Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Kellie Leitch spoke at a meet-and-greet on Peel St., co-hosted by the Conservative Association at McGill University. In response, members of the Montreal community, including McGill students, staged a peaceful protest. While divisive, both the event and the protest are essential […]

McGill and Concordia student groups host Kellie Leitch event

Conservative Member of Canadian Parliament Kellie Leitch held a meet and greet organized by student political groups from Concordia University, Marianopolis College, John Abbott College, and McGill University at the downtown restaurant Chez Alexandre on Jan. 12. About a dozen McGill students stood outside the restaurant with signs, protesting the […]

When words lie: Leitch’s anti-Canadian values exclude on the basis of inclusion

“Violence and misogyny are not Canadian values,” Kellie Leitch, former minister of labour and minister of the status of women, tells Maclean’s. The above is an innocuous statement regarding Leitch’s vague and seemingly benign proposal to screen immigrants for “anti-Canadian values.” Obviously, most people don’t condone violence or misogyny. But, […]