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On justice and mathematics

There is a passage in Plato’s //Meno// that goes something like this: The well-born Meno asks for proof of Socrates’ claim that no one is ever taught anything, and instead they recollect things they already know. Socrates calls over one of Meno’s enslaved attendants and asks the boy, who has[Read More…]

Three verdicts, one unjust reality

Content warning: racism, police violence In the past several days, three high-profile cases have come to deeply unsatisfying conclusions. Two are American—Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges after he killed two men during a night of unrest following the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the three white[Read More…]

Everyone deserves a fair share of clean air

Montreal residents generally live for a long time, but environmental injustice threatens to change that for many. According to a study released by the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Est-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, the east end’s regional health board, people living in the east end of Montreal live,[Read More…]

Midnight Kitchen: Students discuss social justice issues over vegan breakfast

Midnight Kitchen (MK), a non-profit, worker and volunteer-run collective, hosted a pancake breakfast on Jan. 12 to raise funds for Solidarity Across Borders, a Montreal-based activist organization. As a migrant justice network, Solidarity Across Borders aims to establish a community which supports individuals and families facing issues with Canada’s immigration[Read More…]

McGill students protest passage of Bill 62

The National Assembly of Québec passed Bill 62 on Oct. 18 by a vote of 66 to 51, mandating that all recipients of government services, as well as the officials providing them, keep their faces uncovered during public exchanges. The legislation, introduced by Minister of Justice Stephanie Vallée in 2015,[Read More…]

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