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Open forum for the Provost’s Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education provokes dialogue on indigenous issues

On Nov. 22, the Provost’s Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education hosted an open forum to discuss their progress and receive input from members of the McGill Community. The Task Force was launched Sept. 22 of this year with the purpose of creating initiatives focused on integrating indigenous[Read More…]

SSMU Council passes Policy on Indigenous Solidarity

At its March 31 meeting, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council passed a comprehensive Policy on Indigenous Solidarity that lays out ways in which SSMU can pursue its social justice goals for indigenous students. In total, Council passed five motions updating executive job descriptions, amending SSMU’s child-care[Read More…]

Truth and reconciliation beyond negotiations

Throughout the many changes and evolutions in Canada’s history, there is one issue that has always plagued the nation: The inability to meet the needs and demands of Aboriginal peoples; however, recently, after many years of negotiations and struggles, three Innu nations are on the verge of reaching a historic[Read More…]

Letter: Motion Regarding Support for the Kahtihon’tia:kwenio at the SSMU GA

On the motion regarding support of the Kahtihon’tia:kwenio Indigenous students at McGill University suffer from underrepresentation and, consequently, misrepresentation. Stereotypes, prejudice, and systemic racism are just the beginning of complex Indigenous relations at McGill. With only 230 Indigenous students attending the university, consultation with Indigenous students is simply overlooked. As[Read More…]

Why McGill needs to be proactive about race

Racial tension at universities in the United States has finally turned into discussion and action. Students of colour at institutions like Dartmouth College and Yale University are speaking out about injustices and racism they have experienced on campus. Exclusion from events, racial slurs and stereotypes, culturally appropriative halloween costumes, mascot[Read More…]

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