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Let’s stop waiting for social housing

Over the past three years, McGill students have stood at the forefront of the movement for affordable housing. From commissioning high-quality studies to participating in yearly discussions around tenants’ rights, McGillians clearly understand the critical role that access to quality, affordable housing plays in determining one’s ability to live safely[Read More…]

Panel highlights Canada’s failure to meet Indigenous communities’ needs

Kicking off McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative’s (MSSI) first annual Sustainable Development Goals Week, McGill’s International Development Studies Student Association (IDSSA), McGill Sustainable Development Goals Student Hub (SDG), and McGill Students for Amnesty International hosted a panel titled “Basic Needs of Indigenous Communities on Turtle Island” on Feb. 13. Panelists Jessica[Read More…]

McGill should prioritize affordable housing

For the past two decades, housing prices in Montreal have risen consistently by around five percent per year. While students from other Canadian universities, such as the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, have benefited from large scale affordable housing projects sponsored by their universities, McGill students[Read More…]

How to hunt for housing options

With half a semester left to go, most students have to face the exciting yet daunting task of searching for off-campus housing options.  While the process of apartment hunting is stressful for a person of any age, it can be even more daunting for those with no experience.  Here are[Read More…]

Off-campus student housing

Apartment-hunting season for many students is reaching its peak at this time of the year. Choosing the perfect place to live can be tough, whether one is switching from the convenience of a McGill residence or is simply choosing an alternate location to live for the upcoming school year. To[Read More…]

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