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Student movement establishes a healthy food system

Food sustainability initiatives at McGill were scarce until about six years ago. However, with the launch of the student-founded and student-led McGill Food Systems Project (MFSP) in 2008, a culture of food sustainability has experienced a grassroots emergence, with students critically considering and addressing food sustainability issues. Achieving food sustainability at[Read More…]

A chef’s journey

  A chef’s upbringing influences hir or her cuisine. Chef Antonio Park, owner and chef of acclaimed Montreal restaurants Park and Lavanderia, is also the newest Chopped Canada judge, and has a unique background that has helped shape his outlook on food. Park was born in Argentina to Korean parents, and[Read More…]

Do you want fries with that?

Next time you think you’re deciding between a salad and fries, your brain may have already subconsciously made the decision for you. A research team from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital of McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre has shown that food choices are largely governed by[Read More…]

McGill MOOC course Food for Thought

Learning beyond the classroom

Six million. That was the conservative estimate given by an Oct. 2013 article in the Wall Street Journal addressing the combined enrolment numbers of edX and Coursera—two of the most popular Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms—since the two websites were launched in 2012. Today that number has almost doubled,[Read More…]

Restaurant Review: Kyozon

Although known for its lavish bars and clubs, Crescent Street also offers a plethora of restaurants. Sept. 8 marked the opening of Kyozon, a new Asian fusion restaurant and bar, which aims to bring authentic Asian flavours into an urban setting. According to general manager Phil Chang, the idea behind[Read More…]

Indulging in seasonal Italian dishes

The result of a brilliant collaboration between Michele Forgione, chef and owner of the beloved Old Port restaurant Osteria Venti, and Stefano Faita, son of Elena Faita—one of the most celebrated Montréal-culinarians, Impasto and Pizzeria Gema aim to present classic and authentic Italian specialties. Impasto Opened in July 2013, Impasto[Read More…]

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