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Flashback: Charlie’s Angels

When it came to solving crime on television, male-led shows like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and I Spy dominated espionage and crime entertainment throughout the 1960s. Although women did have some important roles, they were mainly featured alongside men. Just over 40 years ago, on Sept. 22, 1976, Charlie’s Angels premiered. Its leads[Read More…]

Gendered policies must avoid crossing line into paternalism

Part of working towards true gender equality, whatever that looks like, is creating policies to help dismantle institutional practices that give men an advantage over women. This can be a controversial and contentious process, but is necessary in eliminating subconscious, institutionalized sexism. The challenge, however, is that in working towards[Read More…]

Campus Spotlight: F WORD

McGill is known for its diverse landscape of political and social activism. On Thursday, Oct. 6, the feminist publication collective F WORD, a prominent player in the cultivation of such discourse, held a launch party to celebrate the release of the fourth volume of their zine. The party hosted over[Read More…]

Criticizing white feminism for the sake of progress

Since the emergence of third-wave feminism in the ’90’s, feminist theory has become increasingly diversified into new categories, such as black feminism, liberal feminism, and radical feminism. But as different varieties of feminism emerge and intersect with other social issues such as race, sexuality, and class, the blanket term “feminism”[Read More…]

Jennifer Lawrence

Embracing feminism in Hollywood: Jennifer Lawrence and the A-list wage gap don’t have to be unrelateable

When Jennifer Lawrence wrote her open letter against the wage gap, she added in one particular clarification about her position as a “working women” in the hollywood paygrade. “I can safely say my problems aren’t exactly relatable [….] I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly,[Read More…]

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