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(Kathryn Leci / The McGill Tribune)

Mind your headspace

As the approaching finals mark the end of another semester, the spike of stress, anxiety, and mismanaged student mental health crises warrant a conversation about headspace. It is by no means news that mental health services at McGill do not effectively accommodate students’ needs: There are many instances of students[Read More…]

McGill Redpath Museum

Establishing a Fall reading week at McGill

In recent years, many universities, including Brock University, Western University, and McMaster University, have implemented Fall reading weeks. The University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus will have its first Fall reading break in 2016. McGill currently does not have a Fall reading week, although the idea has been discussed several times[Read More…]

SSMU GA fails to meet quorum

Quorum was not met at yesterday’s General Assembly (GA), held by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). With less than 100 attendees, no motions were brought forward from the floor that required voting. The Winter 2015 and Fall 2014 GAs saw attendances of 550 and 700 students respectively. Kareem[Read More…]

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