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SSMU Council adopts climate change policy

Following lengthy discussions, a global climate change policy and a motion regarding Demilitarize McGill’s proposal for campus alterations were adopted by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Council this past Thursday. Adoption of climate change policy Council, following extensive debate, passed a climate change policy. Engineering Representative to SSMU,[Read More…]

SSMU’s new climate change policy causes tension

In the wake of an 11-month period of discussions, consultations, and revisions, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) has adopted a new climate change policy. The policy, which passed through Legislative Council on Oct. 15, outlines SSMU’s framework for climate justice. New legislations include avoiding investments in the fossil[Read More…]

PGSS Thomson House

PGSS unanimously passes divestment motion

The Post-Graduate Students’ Society of McGill (PGSS) hosted its first General Meeting (GM) on Wednesday, Oct.14, passing a motion to divest holdings in companies within fossil fuel industries, updating members on the new Quebec student federations, and reviewing the Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF).   Divest McGill   A motion calling[Read More…]

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