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Q&A: YouTube’s Lilly Singh on confidence and life post-grad

A scroll through Lilly Singh’s YouTube channel, called "llSuperwomanll," includes shots of the star wearing wigs and colourful costumes, impersonating her parents, and collaborating with fellow YouTubers to produce outlandish sketch scenes—sometimes all within the same video. Her 12 million subscribers eat her eccentric humour right up, and on July […]

Bring Your Own Juice: ‘McGill’s best and only sketch comedy troupe’

Entrenched in scandal and slander, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) building has been devoid of laughter for the past two weeks. Amid this chaos and disarray is McGill’s only sketch comedy troupe, Bring Your Own Juice, performing at SSMU’s Players’ Theatre. Their live show brings some much-needed comic […]