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The Viewpoint: Café Melbourne

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes embody the ‘annoying-girl-who-won’t-stop-talking-about-her-exchange.’ My semester in Melbourne definitely left some of my peers and family members feeling tired of my frequent references to my time abroad, and I find myself comparing all aspects of life back home to my time in[Read More…]

The Yellow Door aims to prevent urban isolation

Montreal is a city coloured with many longstanding unique organizations. One such organization is the non-for-profit Yellow Door, located at 3625 Rue Aylmer, which aims to promote creative artistic expression and encourage service for the community. “The purpose of the Yellow Door is to give young people an opportunity to[Read More…]

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Montreal food truck reviews

Dispatch Coffee In 2012, Dispatch Coffee established itself as the first portable espresso truck in Montreal. The company’s mission is to promote sustainable coffee and products, offering a multitude of espresso-based drinks through their uniquely customized truck, as well as their catering service. The truck is cozy and inviting, with[Read More…]

How much is too much caffeine?

Coffee is often a welcomed friend during the semester. According to folklore, the bean’s energizing properties were first discovered by an Ethiopian goat herdsman, who found his flock frolicking after eating coffee berries from nearby bushes. It’s not just goats that enjoy the effects of caffeine, however. According to the[Read More…]

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