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Seeing the trees through the forest

Prologue:  I’m perched high in the branches of the red cedar across the street from my childhood home. I have a book, Warrior Cats, and a water bottle, and I feel like I could stay here forever. In my head, I’ve already devised a rope harness system so I don’t[Read More…]

The neighbour I knew

One night in August of 2012, I was torn from my sleep when gunshots rang through the air. I remember the rest of the night in pieces—my mom jumping on my bed to peer out my window over the driveway, sitting on my living room couch as my dad called[Read More…]

Word on the Y: What’s your favourite Halloween memory?

When it comes to Halloween memories, everyone has had their share of tricks and treats. The McGill Tribune talked to students passing by the Y-Intersection about their spine-tingling, sugar-filled, sentimental recollections of Halloweens past. Sophie Sklar, U0 Arts “[I remember] always carving a pumpkin. That was like, the big shabang with[Read More…]


Adults need Halloween, too

Being a grown-up is really hard. Any young adult can attest that our first encounters with personal finances, heartbreak, and aging parents can be downright scary. The real world is indeed a frightful place, rife with political instability, wildfires, and unexpected ways to die. The idea of having a specific[Read More…]

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