How to build, work, and navigate your networks

Many students share a common goal of securing a job right out of university—but this task can prove more challenging than many anticipate. There is a crucial underlying factor at play in deciding one’s career fate: Their networks.  New graduates are often cautioned with the age-old saying “it’s who you[Read More…]

Preparing for life after McGill

Although graduation may seem far away, it is never too early to begin making plans for a career or continuing education after McGill. It is normal for students to feel anxious about postgraduate plans, and it can be daunting to not know where or when to start. Here’s a comprehensive[Read More…]

McGill acronyms

McGill 101: Decoding campus acronyms

Becoming acclimated to student life at McGill can be overwhelming when there are so many services and student groups to keep track of. For many, this becomes more difficult when these entities are commonly referred to by ambiguous acronyms. The Tribune has created a brief guide to McGill’s acronyms in[Read More…]

Should you stay or should you go

For the majority of incoming, out-of-province McGill students, the choice to study at McGill over other universities is a fairly easy one. Between the school’s renowned academic reputation, diverse student body, extracurricular and research opportunities, and outstanding football program (gotcha), there’s already enough to attract most prospective students to  McGill—and[Read More…]

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