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Divest McGill presents progress on Metro Inc. boycott at SSMU Legislative Council

Three student groups presented the missions of their respective organizations at the Jan. 14 Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) Legislative Council meeting. Divest McGill shared their ongoing boycott campaign to pressure McGill’s Board of Governors (BoG) to divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies, McGill Students for Peace […]

Stonewall cast rioting

Pop Rhetoric: Revisionist Stonewall nothing more than a whitewashing of queer history

The trailer for Roland Emmerich’s film, Stonewall, was released earlier this summer to a flurry of criticism over the blonde-haired, blue-eyed cis-gender boy it revolves around. Although the film attempts to authentically portray a dramatized version of one of the most significant events in LGBT history, it largely omits queer […]