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The Rod of Asclepius

Holly Stewart Eccentric architect Percy Nobbs, who taught at McGill in the early 20th century, designed the Pathology Institute on the corner of Pine Avenue and University street. At the age of 28 he arrived at McGill with an ambitious plan to redesign the university’s buildings. He was equally well […]

Wyoming’s paradise I’ve always been a city girl. Growing up in downtown Chicago, I only applied to universities in large cities, and once declared Carmel, California—a small ocean town of retired actors and millionaires with a slew of art galleries—the most boring place on earth. This is why it’s so […]

Hot Chocolate

Holly Stewart Holly Stewart I was walking through the Milton-Park intersection on Halloween when it started to snow. I didn’t care that it was still October and that most people were roaming the streets in slutty costumes; I was in the mood for hot chocolate and Christmas carols. With Second […]

Pumpkin Bread

Chelsea Lytle     Since pumpkin season is now well underway, I felt it would be appropriate to make something with my favourite squash. As delicious as “pumpkin bread” is, it’s not a typical bread—it’s a sweet loaf. This bread was inspired in part by my love of pumpkins, but also […]