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Spicy Stir Fry

Holly Stewart Growing up, my house had a fridge full of condiments. We had everything you could ever need to flavour your food, even when we hadn’t bought food to flavour. Despite the frustration that comes with a fridge that looks full but lacks actual substance, there is an advantage […]

WebCT quotation of the week

Subject: Environment Author: Student How can oceans be oxygen free if water is H20? Were they talking about the atmosphere? I’m so confused!   Subject: Physics Author: Student Dear professor, or any other students, I have a question: if I fail this exam, can I still pass?

The Rod of Asclepius

Holly Stewart Eccentric architect Percy Nobbs, who taught at McGill in the early 20th century, designed the Pathology Institute on the corner of Pine Avenue and University street. At the age of 28 he arrived at McGill with an ambitious plan to redesign the university’s buildings. He was equally well […]