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Zoom style guide: Be the best-dressed student in your online lecture

So much has changed over the course of the Winter 2020 semester. Many of McGill’s traditions, such as convocation and end-of-year formals, have been postponed or cancelled. Many students—particularly those who are graduating—have spent weeks or even months getting ready for these fancy occasions. However, while they are no longer able to get all dolled up to take part in these celebrations, there are still ways to show off one’s most stylish self this semester. To help cope with the loss of in-person celebrations, The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of recommended outfits that students can wear for their Zoom lectures so that they can be the best dressed in their online class. 

The casual look

Everyone has that sweats and stained t-shirt combo that they can’t imagine their life without. While they might not wear it to school everyday, those clothes are the first thing that students put on when they get home. We cook in them, we watch Netflix in them, we sleep in them, and, most importantly, we love them. Sport this look to be as casual as you can in your online lecture and show off that cozy-cute vibe.

Full cap and gown

Show your fellow McGill classmates that you can still throw yourself a party, even if you might not be able to celebrate on campus like you had hoped. This is a great outfit choice as it also allows you to flex on your lower-year classmates who still have many more lectures to attend, on Zoom or otherwise, before they can cross that finish line. This fit is restricted to graduating students only; it’s a complete faux-pas for anyone else to steal this look.


While there are many downsides to being asked to self-isolate at home, being able to tan during class doesn’t have to be one of them. Whether you’re in zero- or 20-degree weather, bring a towel, chair, and laptop outside, break out that swim gear, and get some sun. Your classmates will be in awe of your courage, resilience, and sick tan lines. Bonus points if you add a snorkel to the outfit.

Formal attire

Alright, so you didn’t get to wear that gown or tux to the end-of-year formal. Now’s your time. Getting dressed up and forgetting all of the stress of what’s going on around you is one of life’s greatest coping mechanisms, so go all out. Actually wash and style your hair for the first time since the mayhem began. Do your nails. Wear your nice shoes. You know what they say: When you look good, you feel good so look like a baddie and get that 4.0. 

Your favourite TV show character

You’ve got some time on your hands, so you might as well assemble an ensemble that your favourite TV show or movie character would wear. Think Sharpay by the pool in High School Musical 2 or Dwight from The Office working on the beet farm. This outfit works really well for psychological reasons: Your classmates and professor will recognize you, but they might not know exactly why. For this reason, they will spend a lot of time staring at your screen, so you can feel like you’re getting a lot of attention. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, sweetie! 

Chef attire

Yeah, you can cook. Or maybe not. No one really has to know. This outfit says: “Just got back from cooking a three-course meal, what have you guys been doing?” People will be intrigued, they will be amazed, and they might even be proud. With this outfit, one thing you’re sure to cook up are some good grades. 

Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with a smile. Also, be sure to remember not to stand up in front of your computer unless you’re 100 per cent sure that you’re wearing pants. 

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