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Word on the Y: How do you take care of yourself during midterms?

As midterm season takes over, many McGill students fall victim to stress, putting self-care on the back burner. In a new column titled Word on the Y, in which students passing by the Y-intersection voice their perspective on a question, The McGill Tribune heard from students on how they take care of themselves during midterm season.


McGill Tribune (Flaminia Cooper / The McGill Tribune)

Maya Koparkar, U2 International Development Studies

"I [sometimes have] midterm anxiety, so I got a coloring book, and it has a bunch of positive messages in it. It’s really cheesy, I know, but it’s like, 'You did better than you thought,' so if I have to come home after a long day studying at McLennan, I’ll just throw on Netflix and colour, and zone out."


David Aird, Vice-President (VP) External of the Students' Society of McGill University

"Oh shit, nothing. I slept in my office last night, it was terrible. I don’t take good care of myself at all. Is that bad?"


Graeme Balint, U3 Electrical Engineering

"I’m really anal about getting enough sleep, so if an exam is the next morning at [9 a.m.], I’ll go to bed by 1, even if I don’t feel prepared at all. I’d rather be well-rested than cram for another four hours and not get enough sleep."


Julie Chouinard, U2 Chemical Engineering

"I force myself to take nice long showers, and do all the shit that I would normally do, like condition and moisturize."


Emma Farrabee, U1 Chemical Engineering

"I force myself to make real food, normally. And don’t live off of instant meals."


Sara Harvey, U1 English Literature

"I find drinking during midterms actually calms me down. A glass of wine, or three, or six shots of tequila. If you take a break from an essay you’re writing, it’s really, really chill."


Merouane Ounadjela, U3 Physiology

"I eat a lot of chocolate."


Jennifer Yoon, U3 Political Science and History

"Coffee, coffee, and coffee. Yeah, are you kidding?"


Ben Butz-Weidner, U3 Political Science and History

"When I get my coffee in the morning, I’ll buy a treat, and then I’ll wait [until] later in the day when I get some work done, and then I get to reward myself with it. Plus drinking a lot of water. If you don’t drink water, you end up getting sick.”


Simon Thara, U3 Mechanical Engineering

"I like to take breaks. Also like to have beer at the end of the day. Also, don’t get too stressed!"


Kevin Cremoux, U1 Political Science

"I recently travelled to New York over the [Thanksgiving weekend…] which was great for me to get my mind off [school]. Listen to lots of music, and eat very healthy […] and getting good sleep as well."


Ellie Solloway, U2 Arts, Honours Political Science and Sociology

"I would say if you have the capacity to take the day before your midterm slow, then go for it. If you’re not cramming, you should be taking it slow that day, because it helps centre yourself. And work on visualization. Visualizing how you would do well on an exam, because it helps build your confidence, and it also is proven to improve your results."


Xander Smit, U3 Economics

"Sitting in the sun, that makes a world of difference. When you’re just in the library all day, you don’t get your vitamin D. The sun makes everyone happy."

McGill Tribune 

Lucien Viala, U3 Mechanical Engineering

"I try to make sure to eat well and at regular hours. Also, try to exercise to kind of flush things away."

McGill Tribune 

Basile Chauffour, U4 Economics and International Development Studies 

"Keeping up with extracurriculars, like sports and music."

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