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Wine(ing) about McGill: Cocktails, mocktails, and more

With warmer weather coming our way, nostalgia for the McGill campus and the now-distant era of OAP is officially setting in. This week, The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of some signature McGill mixed drinks to help you reminisce about the good old days.

Big Suze Seltzer

Who doesn’t love a good seltzer? Since we have an even slimmer chance of running into our principal on campus than usual, we can instead enjoy this drink with her face on it to recreate the experience. 

Bonus: Take a shot if you notice that Big Suze winks at you.

OAPale Ale

Inspired by McGill University Poll Party, this drink replicates that anticipatory feeling of spending two hours in line for OAP only to find out that all they have left is Guinness beer.


If you’re missing the sweaty smell of McGill sporting events, we’ve got you covered with this easy alternative! Start with 200 mL of Blue Ribbon, and then add a few shots of sweat. As a bonus, garnish with a couple of strands of fake grass from any nearby sports stadium. Extra points if you put your drink in a thermos and disguise it as tea to reproduce the thrill of sneaking it into the stadium.

Budd(le) Light

Though it’s impossible to truly capture the warm comfort of Buddle’s Instagram series—our only link to McGill news in the early days of the pandemic—sipping a Budd(le) Light is a source of comfort. Any Bud Light from your nearest depanneur can easily be transformed into a Budd(le) Light if enjoyed while wearing a classic Buddle Pageboy hat™.

Department Wine and Cheese Cabernet Sauvignon

You don’t have to break the bank to replicate this drink; simply drop by Provigo and pick up a $6 boxed wine. To further replicate the experience of the Classics Department Wine and cheese that your roommate took you to, try sipping it with a slice of vegan cheese—the only kind that’s ever left by the time you arrive.

Molson (Stadium)

For students missing in-person exams, this nostalgic drink can be whipped up in a few quick steps. Begin by pouring about 150 ml of Red Bull into a glass and adding a few shots of Vitamin Water to taste. Top it off with some of the eraser dust and tears that can always be found on the exam table when you begin. Finally, consume your drink on a wobbly table for a more authentic exam experience.

Samosas and Mimosas

This combo from the days of BdA will allow you to enjoy a classic drink while commemorating the glory days of our beloved samosas. To accurately match the event’s ambience, try spilling some beer on your kitchen floor and letting it dry to achieve maximum stickiness.

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