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Which winter boot are you?

Did you all enjoy the brief intermission of 20-degree weather last week? Well, too bad—we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Remember that the temperature drop means that we’re barreling toward the moment no one has been waiting for: Winter. 

Yes, winter is coming, and it’s important to be prepared when the harsh cold arrives (and inevitably overstays its welcome). Some of the most essential items to invest in are winter coats, gloves, hats, and, of course, winter boots. If you’re new to Montreal and don’t have boots, or if you do have boots and you’re looking to upgrade, look no further because The McGill Tribune has you (and your feet) covered.


Music majors march to the beat of their own drum (literally), and anyone sporting Moon Boots would be no exception. These out-of-this-world boots are certainly more of a statement than others, but if you’re going to be wearing the same pair of shoes for the next six months, you might as well showcase your creativity and personality. The Moon Boots come in multiple colourways, as well as tall and short versions, giving you the freedom to style your shoe any way you want. In fact, the unique shape of each shoe is designed such that the right and left shoe are interchangeable, and you can even mix and match the colours.


Business majors are most likely to keep up with what’s up in trends—and probably the stocks, too. While puffer jackets have been a staple for the past few years, puffer boots are only now starting to make an appearance, and there’s no better time to make an investment than before a trend hits the mainstream. North Face’s Nupste Mules are the perfect choice. While they do exist in a high-rise version, we all know Desautels students don’t leave Bronfman and don’t have to brave the cold between classes, so what’s the point?


For our engineering friends, Columbia’s Ice Maiden Boots perfectly balance comfort and structure. The rigid framework with a square-toe shape provides good support while the cushioned lining ensures comfort and warmth. These boots are a serious and sensible choice for the engineering student who spends a lot of time on their feet and in distress.   

Bio/Life Sciences 

For those long treks up to McMed and/or Stewart Bio braved every day by biology and life sciences majors, Line Ski Booties are a mountain climber’s dream. These boots have a mouldable foam insole that will provide comfort for long walks up and down the hill. With Michelin outsoles (yes, like the tire brand) and cinch laces to secure your feet, there’s no need to worry about slipping.

Boot grips are not necessarily required for these stompers, but why not? Might as well bring an oxygen tank in case of altitude sickness. 

Political Science/International Development Studies

Don’t worry, we can’t forget about our fellow Arts students. The ever-popular and, at this point, classic Doc Martens would be a great choice for such popular majors as poli sci and IDS. Originally a British brand, Doc Martens’ reach around the world exemplifies the boot industry’s globalization. And if this model is not to your taste, the boots come in other varieties including low-rise and fur-lined boots. There is even a vegan equivalent, which is a more sustainable choice and can help us all march one step closer to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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