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What are you doing 2nite?: The app transforming event-throwing and going

“What are we doing tonight?”

It’s the question McGillians have been asking each other since the dawn of time. The answer comes to us now in the form of a social networking app taking Montreal, and soon enough, the world, by storm: The 2nite app.

2nite is a social networking app that is making organizing and attending events much easier. I sat down with the app’s founders, Antoine Delarue, U3 Management, and Ludovick Bernier-Michaud, U3 Science, to learn more about it—and also just so I can tell my future kids that I knew them once.

The idea for 2nite was brought about, Delarue tells me, by three specific frustrations:

1. When travelling in Spain with his friends, he noticed that all of the websites they looked up to find events were sorely out-of-date.

2. As an avid event organizer himself, it was hard to coordinate guests, sell tickets, and promote events across so many different apps.

3. Throughout his first year at McGill, he struggled to get involved in groups and events because information was so spread out.

Information about clubs, parties, and events, Delarue says, was “everywhere and nowhere.”

So, Delarue set to work. When he got back to Montreal, he started working with an app developer to make his party-organizing dreams a reality. Delarue teamed up with Bernier-Michaud, another passionate event organizer and one of his best friends. In one year, a couple of paper drawings and a whiteboard had turned into an app that is revolutionizing the way parties come to be. They tried, tested, and tweaked the app until Oct. 3, when they launched 2nite on the App Store and the party really got started.

2nite allows you to look for parties and events based on your location or ones tailored to your interests. It even lets you search an interactive map for events. For both the party-goers and the party-throwers, Delarue says 2nite is “one central platform for everything to do with your nightlife.” As an organizer, you can make a post, create a guest list, sell tickets, and gain a following and a reputation for your killer events.

As a party-goer himself, Bernier-Michaud emphasized that the app can be used to expand your social scene. 

“You land in another city, you have no idea what’s going on, you’re with a couple of friends, you open up the app [and] all of a sudden you have access to all these events […] happening around you,” Bernier-Michaud told the Tribune.

The two founders explained that coming to McGill as international students, they often found themselves not knowing where to go on a night out, and this app aims to make the university social scene more inclusive and accessible. 

”Beyond how fun and exciting it is to help organize events, I think we genuinely think that it can make university life and the student experience even better and even easier,” Bernier-Michaud said.

While many students use the platform to discover Montreal’s nightlife scene, Delarue pointed out that it can be used to find other, more lowkey social events. 

“[You] could be doing yoga in the park, could be getting people together just for the social aspect, getting people together monetarily, you know, if you’re fundraising, whatever it might be, the applications are endless,” Delarue said.

DJ and McGill student Emily Sofin, U2 Arts, explained that the app has been amazing for helping her create guest lists for her sets and keeping everything organized in one space. When asked if she would recommend the app to others, she turned to the brand’s slogan: “2nite I can do anything.” 

Our entire chat felt like talking to two 2022 versions of a more caring and in-touch Mark Zuckerberg. These self-described “two guys who don’t know anything about tech” wanted to bring people together post-pandemic and create a one-stop-shop for events was their way to do it.

So, what are you doing 2nite?

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