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Up-and-coming fashion trends for students

Suits for all

Make a statement this year by playing around with the simplicity of a suit. For so long, the options for men attending a black-tie event were simple: A sleek jacket and a loyal pair of pants that can be worn time and again. Now it’s the ladies’ turn to give this look a go. Try black-on-black like Victoria Beckham, or recreate your own version of the timeless menswear look of a white shirt and black suit. Another recent trend that has been popular among the top models is combining two trends—the deep V cut and the suit—by simply omitting an undershirt and buttoning up the blazer. This is definitely a more daring option, but if the confidence is there, fashion followers everywhere will applaud your boldness.

Make your winter coat pop

If it’s time to invest in a new winter coat, take a risk and go for a bold colour—don’t let the fear of wearability stop you! How often are your winter outfits going to include a bright colour that would clash, anyway? Embrace the wow-factor, move away from neutrals, and make a striking coat your primary winter look. This will add some life to the gloomy, frostbitten streets of winter, and maybe even perk up someone else’s day with your radiant choice. If you’re not sure which colour to try, take a note from legendary New York Times street-style Reporter, Bill Cunningham, whose most recent vlog identified cobalt or sapphire blue as the colour that stylish New Yorkers are flocking towards. 

Up your style points with a side of sensibility

No one ever said a good-looking high-heeled boot had to be uncomfortable, but for so many years it felt like an accepted part of the fashion industry. Classic brands like UGG, Sorel, and Hunter are often typified in our minds to forever be associated with their one comfy look. Yet all three of these brands have recently branched out, releasing a selection of more fashion-forward styles. UGG has moved towards exploring lace-up booties, while Sorel has gone for a classic, sleek black leather boot with a splash of colour. Hunter, on the other hand, has developed both the aforementioned styles, and now offers a wide selection of heeled boots. There is finally the option to have a stylish night out in heels while keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable. The future of these brands is diversifying, and those boots known for style over comfort have some serious competition coming their way.

Oversized denim

Gone are the days of finding the perfect fit for jeans that hug your body in all the right places. Oversized denim is popping up everywhere, with Rihanna as the trend’s fearless leader. A style icon in her own right, Rihanna has continually acted as the queen of ‘anything goes’ in fashion, and she has boldly taken oversized denim where few others have dared. One could argue this started with fashion’s move towards the boyfriend jean, but the options are ever growing; jeans are getting wider, higher, looser, and longer. Denim jackets have also followed the move towards an oversized look. With winter coming, these options luckily leave a fortunate amount of space for adding a thin layer under your jeans or a sweater under your jacket to survive Montreal’s fast approaching frigid temperatures.

Kanye takes sweats to the runway

Many students are guilty of overusing their go-to pair of comfy black leggings, especially when they are too tired and overworked to put together a nice outfit. Thanks to the self-titled Yeezus himself, leggings and a massive sweatshirt are now an acceptable look to wear out of the house. This year, Kanye West’s clothing line, Yeezy Season 2, closed out New York Fashion Week with an A-list audience and a wide range of reviews. Certain commentators failed to see any fashion behind it, while others praised the undeniable simplicity and simultaneous versatility of Yeezy’s pieces. The collection had a clear focus on neutrals mixed with an emphasis on layering. On par with oversized denim, baggy sweatshirts, and jackets were common threads—usually styled overtop a comfortable spandex bodysuit or leggings of a similar shade or colour. Slowly, Kanye West might just be making high fashion easier and more adaptable to everyday life.

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