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The Tribune Predicts: March Horoscopes

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        Capricorn: As you enter into the month of March, you are still feeling the effects of the solar eclipse that occurred on Feb. 26. Enjoy the enchanting mood the eclipse leaves as you enter the new month and make your return to school after reading week. This eclipse phase can aid you in making your personal dreams a reality if you focus on your natural talents and strive to be the best you can be. You will find that this opens up new opportunities in your romantic and financial life, and the new connections you’ll make this month will help with this. The Pisces Sun is also moving through your social third house, so make sure to find time to reach out and meet new people. Although you may enjoy your close circle of friends, you will draw energy and happiness from expanding your horizons. Perhaps joining a new club as the final months of school arrive will allow you to get involved and branch out.
        Activity to try this month: This month is full of energy for you, but try taking a minute to focus on an important topic by attending the Muslim Student’s Association (MSA) McGill’s discussion on Women in the Quran on March 17.     


        Aquarius: This month is alive with an energetic spirit for you, Aquarius! Midterms might be over for you, and your social life will pique: You will find yourself travelling and making time for exciting days and nights out with friends. The Pisces Sun will also be moving through your diplomatic and career-driven zone making this a work-hard, play-hard month. Be aware of new job opportunities—within your current workplace, or a new one—as this is the perfect time to make advancements in your employment. However, don’t let the potential stress of focusing on your career stop you from enjoying the cosmic energy you’re feeling and ringing in March with some memorable experiences.     

Activity to try this month: Support a McGillian musician, Jillian Blair, by bringing your friends out to her upcoming show at Club Balattou on March 12.     



        Pisces: Prepare yourself, Pisces: The energy flowing from the February solar eclipse will continue to affect you into March. March is also a birthday season for your sign, so use this continued enlivened spirit to prepare for fun and excitement as you celebrate. The sun is also moving through your second house of luxury and decadence—even more good news for your birthday month. March may be the month to upgrade your closet, try a new popular restaurant, or invest in purchases that will serve you into the future, such as a new spring coat!     

        Activity to try this month: Treat yourself to a birthday present that is sure to be a blast and buy tickets to the Lumineers concert at the Bell Centre on March 18.     


        Aries: Embrace this month as a time for reflection. As the the sun in Pisces will be illuminating your house of solitude and relaxation, make sure to take time for yourself and remain restful as you make your return to McGill after reading week. Take care of yourself by going for a run, putting on a face mask, or reading that book you’ve been waiting to pick up. Venus will also be in retrograde in your sign this month, so be open to new love interests as your alluring spirit will send many new admirers your way!     

Activity to try this month: Learn how to make the household products you use for self-care—like shampoo, toothpaste, and toiletries—more eco-friendly at the Science Undergraduate Society’s DIY Household Products workshop on March 13.


Taurus: This is the month for you to get involved! This March, the sun is flying through Pisces and your eleventh house of community, so enjoy the energy of returning to your McGill community. Participate in a club by messaging executives or signing up for their listservs, attend an event, or even make plans with your circle of friends. However, Venus, your governing planet, will be in retrograde, so there may be some complicated roadblocks to come in your personal life. Prepare for these obstacles by remaining on top of homework and by focusing on maintaining good relationships with your loved ones. Most importantly, take time to reflect and take care of yourself when necessary.

Activity to try this month: Take the time to get in a good laugh with some friends at Bring Your Own Juice, McGill’s sketch comedy group’s Three Nights of Live Sketch Comedy show from March 16-18.



Gemini: March is an exciting month for you, Gemini! As the sun shines in Pisces, it brightens your tenth house of success. This month will put a spotlight on you and your career accomplishments. Now is the time to network and explore opportunities for employment. It looks as though this month holds a prestigious chance to advance yourself professionally; remain confident, and don’t forget that whatever opportunities come your way, you’ve earned them!

;Activity to try this month: Staying engaged on campus can be essential to your professional development. Attend the McGill Indigenous Student Alliance’s (ISA) one day conference, “The Power of Indigenous Arts: Resistance and Revitalization” on March 18 to learn more about the importance of Indigenous representation in the arts.



        Cancer: With the sun in Pisces enlivening your 20th house of travel and wanderlust, now is the time to explore some new places! Forget staying at home and relaxing; get out and seek some adventures. Look for an affordable weekend travel plan to cities such as Burlington, Quebec City, or Boston. Or perhaps, as midterm season is still in full swing, plan a daytrip to a neighbourhood you’ve seen in the Greater Montreal area to enjoy a relaxing staycation. The recent solar eclipse may also afford you success in your career. Look out for club applications and call-outs for new volunteers, as these exciting opportunities could help you climb the job ladder.

        Activity to try this month: Shred the gnar with some fellow ski and snowboarding lovers at SSMUSki’s Jay Peak Overnighter from March 17-19.



Leo: This month will be a steamy one for you, Leo. Make sure to be your outgoing self for the first couple weeks of March as the Pisces sun will be shining in your seductive and private eighth house. However, remember to guard your feelings as a spiritual activation of your chart will heighten your emotions. Although this month may not be one to be thinking of deep romantic relationships, it is certainly one for spontaneous dates and fun! Take this time to explore your sexual and romantic sides by putting yourself out and joining the dating pool of eligible singles in the Montreal area, maybe by creating a Tinder account or asking a friend to be your personal matchmaker. This month will surely guarantee a spark.

Activity to try this month: Make a first date exciting this St. Patrick’s Day at Gerts Bar’s celebration on March 17.



Virgo: This month is all about romantic relationships for you, Virgo. With the sun shining in your romantic 7th house all month long, prepare yourself for a fairy tale romance to sweep you off your feet. As the sun meets Neptune—your planet of fantasy—you may feel a bit overwhelmed with passion, so make sure to follow your intuition and innate feelings in difficult situations. Through the excitement of a new potential romance, make sure to remember that self-love is the most important type of love and be your own soulmate in case this new lust fades more quickly than you had hoped.

Activity to try this month: As love is in the air for you this month, take this opportunity to bring your date to Effusion A Capella’s show, Iridescence, on March 19 at Le National!



Libra: This month opens with feelings of excitement, chaos, and inspiration with Jupiter in your sign opposing Uranus in March. This may incite some stress, but remain rooted in yourself and your well-being to combat negative vibes that may come your way. The sun in Pisces is also beaming into your 20th house of wellness. With spring right around the corner, this is the perfect time to begin daily health regimens. Whether that be going to the gym or eating healthier, focus on your health and energy this month.

        Activity to try this month: Attend McGill’s Comparative Health Systems Program’s informative and interactive workshops to learn about different clinical and social aspects related to women’s health at their annual conference on March 11.



        Scorpio: With the sun in Pisces illuminating your fifth house of flamboyance, don’t be afraid to be a little “extra” this month, Scorpio. Be reassured in your amazing self and show off just how much you have to offer! This is the month to show some self expression through art, work, or parties. Enjoy yourself this March—you have cosmic permission to extend your spring break a little longer. However, at the beginning of the month, Jupiter will be in Libra throughout the month—opposing Uranus—your house of responsibility. This will lead to a loss of motivation that may ultimately cause you some stress at school or work. To overcome this obstacle, try new strategies for managing your time and focus, like to-do lists and calendars, in order to continue to be your determined self.

        Activity to try this month: Discover your artistic side at the Chagall: Colour & Music exhibit at the Musée des beaux-arts all month long.



        Sagittarius: As you enter March, the family and home sector of your chart will be beaming, Sagittarius. Take time to enjoy quality bonding with your relatives and loved ones. Make your family your priority and build your relationships when you can. This month will also be a month of surprises in your social circle as your ruling planet Jupiter opposes Uranus. Expect your social network to expand—a new exciting and opportunistic person may enter your life.

        Activity to try this month: Take the time to to learn and participate in the discussion of a very important issue at the “Yemen Conflict Panel Discussion – A Forgotten Emergency” hosted by McGill Students for UNICEF on March 14.

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