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Three leaves + glue

Everybody loves Halloween. It’s the only time of the year you can dress up or dress down. Some people opt for a creative costume while others play it safe and go for something more traditional. Whatever you decided to dress as this year, here are some of the best and worst decisions students at McGill made.

The politically incorrect costume: The Chilean Miner

It’s too soon. This costume wasn’t as bad as what I’ve seen in previous years—for example, a distasteful Al Qaeda terrorist, or Hitler. But despite this recent event having a happy ending, it’s still way too early to joke about.

The sluttiest female costume: Mother Earth

This costume is scarily simple: three leaves and glue. To date, this is the best way I’ve seen to leave as little as possible to the imagination. I know girls love to seize the moment to shorten their skirts and flash a little cleavage, but this was truly pushing it.

The sluttiest male costume: Premature Ejaculation.

Simple, to the point, and cheap, in a slightly more appropriate way: a guy without a shirt and his belt unbuckled. Although I can appreciate the wit behind it, this was either a last minute makeshift costume or an excuse for a guy to take his shirt off and show off his abs.

The most popular female costume: Katy Perry

Apart from the standard sexy cop, firewoman, or flight attendant, Katy Perry seemed to be one of the most popular costumes this year. The costume is taken from Perry’s “California Gurls” music video: a bright blue wig, short shorts, and a bra with what looks like two delicious baked goods on top and cherries right in the centre. You get the idea. At least it wasn’t Lady Gaga.

The most popular male costume: Morphsuit

This lycra spandex costume in bright metallic colours covers you from head to toe. And in case you’re wondering, you can drink through the Morphsuit.

The worst costume:

It’s a toss-up between Mother Earth and the girl I saw who wore nothing but corset and a thong.

The best costume: Tetris Team

Groups have a tendency to turn out the best, but you they must have put in a lot of thought into this type of costume. This year the best one I saw was a group of Tetris blocks running around the McGill Ghetto, stopping in the middle of the street and making Tetris formations with each other.

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