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Three ideal places to enjoy delicious food in the warm weather

In a city with long winters and relatively short summers, it’s important to have summer to-do lists ready to go. This year, some of Montreal’s best restaurants will open up its patios and bring out the garden chairs, providing the opportunity to soak up the sun on beautiful summer terrasses.

  • Jardin Nelson

    Jardin Nelson, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal, is an ideal place to visit in the summer. This spectacular restaurant owned by Robert Ruel is located in Old Montreal at the historic Maison Cartier, which dates back to 1812. During the summer months, Jardin Nelson’s beautiful courtyard is adorned with plants, bright flowers, and giant parasols. From noon until evening, Jardin Nelson also offers live music played by pop and jazz musicians. The menu also boasts an impressive list of refreshing cocktails and sangrias that enhances the summertime vibe. Although Jardin Nelson is renowned for its crepes, it also offers a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and a twist on Quebec’s very own duck patê Chinois. Even though it’s usually swarming with tourists, this restored historic building is a must visit, especially for those who desire to bask in Old Port’s charm.

  • Brasserie T!

    Brasserie T! was opened in 2010 in the heart of the Quartier de Spectacles by one of Montreal’s best fine-dining owners, Norman Laprise. What looks like an odd rectangular glass structure to any passer-by at the Place des Arts is actually a classic bistro with an ultramodern décor and fine French food. As the festival season rolls into Montreal, customers will have a front row seat to the International Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs festival, Nuits d’Afrique, or at the very least, the fountain lights show. The main attraction of this simple yet delectable menu of Brasserie T! is meat—specifically the famous tartare, called the Saucisse de Montreal. Among the limited dessert options, the light and heavenly Paris Brêst is a definite winner. Those on a student budget should appreciate the restaurant’s reasonable prices—with main courses served under $25, this is a steal for its fine-dining ambiance. Overall, this well-designed, edgy spot is perfect for dining in the heart of the city over a casual and relaxing meal with friends. However, due to limited seating options, it would be best to plan one’s visit well in advance to beat the crowds rushing to eat at this delightful restaurant.

  • Boris Bistro

    Montreal’s famous Boris Bistro is an absolute delight in the summertime. Located in the heart of Old Montreal, the surrounding location captures the beauty of Montreal’s summer. With its outdoor terrace full of wooden tables and white umbrellas, as well as a magnificent setup of trees, flowers, and walkways, Boris Bistro is one of Montreal’s classiest restaurants and is a favourite within the city. Its fancy interior—white walls, modern glass vases filled with plants and flowers, and plants romantically hanging down the windows—also presents Boris Bistro with the aesthetics for the summer.

    This high-end restaurant not only succeeds in presenting itself aesthetically, but also does a brilliant job with the food it serves. From its scrumptious appetizers—such as the salmon tartare guédille, to its delicious main course meals, including the well-known duck risotto with oyster mushrooms, sagem, and orange cream sauce, Boris Bistro never fails to please its customers. Boris Bistro also has amazing dessert options; the mouth-watering lemon and white chocolate pie is a must-try. Overall, the location, breathtaking setup, and irresistible food of Boris Bistro make it one of the top restaurants to visit in the summer.

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