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The McGill-wide 2021 holiday wishlist

It’s Nov. 30 and the holiday season is officially upon us! With less than a month until Christmas, you may feel overwhelmed about what to ask for this year. But don’t be alarmed—The McGill Tribune has got you covered. Below, you’ll find this year’s McGill wishlist, and hopefully, the items within will provide some inspiration for your own seasonal desires.*

Upper residence kids are asking for a magical device that will help them float up the hill to Gardner Hall.

Nearly graduated students want to stay in the comfort of academia forever….

Marty the Martlet would like to one day take off his uniform (it’s getting hot in there).

SSMU wants student papers to mind their own damn business.

Cloudberry wants people to know that he is the only leucistic squirrel on campus (and that he doesn’t have red eyes).

English students would like their parents to stop asking them what they plan to do with their degree.

Science students want you to stop complaining about having one in-person final.

All students want a week-long reading week. 

Chris Buddle wanted to be cast in Peaky Blinders. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out (but he kept the page-boy hat, of course).

McLennan Library wants as many students as possible to stop by and spend the night during finals season (she gets lonely).

Minerva wants IT to stop doing construction on her over the weekends. No, really—she doesn’t like to let students down during these stressful times.

MyCourses is asking for students to stop watching lectures on 2X speed (it’s exhausting!).

Desautels Students are—as always—looking for lucrative investments.

Philosophy students want you to stop asking them about the meaning of life; they have absolutely no idea.

Gerts would be thrilled to receive some noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the sound of drunk first years singing Taylor Swift.

Redpath cafe is tired of being compared to Tim Hortons. It may be more expensive, but the coffee is definitely worth it….right?

Soupe Cafe would like to file a complaint against Gerts cafe for having cheaper grilled cheese.

Skateboarders and cyclists are asking for just a few more weeks without snow (however, with chilly days on the forecast, their chances aren’t looking so great).

Maxime (RVC) is wondering why no one talks about him (or Fight Club) anymore. Seriously, what happened to this guy?

Subway wants people to know that they exist (despite being tucked away in the depths of the Arts Building).

The McGill Nightly wants to officially be recognized as McGill’s most reliable news source.

Big Suze wants…actually, what does this woman desire? We have no idea…

Tipsy Cow bar goers on Nov. 10 want that selfie they took with Noah Centineo printed and framed. Then wish he would leave their sacred territory.

McLennan frequenters want their red fast pass sticker to unlock a portal to the seventh floor where time is endless and finals don’t exist. 

The McGill Tribune wants you to have a successful finals season 🙂

*The items listed do not necessarily correspond with the opinions and desires of those on the list.

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