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Terraces to tickle your fancy

Sunny afternoons and warm nights are scarce in Montreal throughout the school year, which is why it’s important to enjoy Montreal’s terrace bars before the summer leaves for good.

Vol de Nuit

14 Prince Arthur Est

Vol de Nuit is situated on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Prince Arthur, but don’t be fooled by its obvious location. The long terrace, which spills onto the pedestrian street, is easily overlooked. One sip of their local beer, ‘Chanvre Blonde,’ will soon make you a regular, and their red and white wine sangria are definite crowd-pleasers. The jukebox in the back plays songs for any mood. This is a great place if you’re looking for a casual evening, or are looking for a place to drink before or after a night out on Saint- Laurent.

Pub L’île Noire

1649 Saint-Denis

L’île Noire is a charming bar that is highly recommended for gin-and-tonic enthusiasts, as their selection is immense. This relatively quiet terrace is an ideal place to have a relaxing drink with friends, while taking in the constant show that is Saint-Denis. The interior is well thought out, with each room having a different feel to it. This is the place to go if you are looking for a laid-back lounge that separates itself from the typical rowdiness of other bars.

Le Sainte Elisabeth

1412 Sainte-Elisabeth

This enclosed terrace is definitely a unique, hidden gem in Montreal. While the entrance is not glamorous and quite easy to miss, the interior of the bar can be a pleasant surprise. The main bar is located inside, with cozy booths set up all around. However, the real kicker is what’s waiting on the other side of the bar. There is an entrance to a beautiful, cozy terrace at the back entrance of the bar, where a European-style square is surrounded by sky-high walls covered in vines. This relaxing atmosphere with a diverse crowd of regulars is perfect if you are looking for an escape from the busy streets of downtown Montreal. Le Sainte Elisabeth serves local beer, the most popular being  ‘Boréale,’ as well as snacks such as fries, pizza, and chicken fingers. They play a mix of different music, with sounds varying from indie rock to popular radio jams. This bar, with its down-to-earth, casual feel, will definitely take you by surprise.

L’Abreuvoir Pub

403 Ontario East

A wonderful graffiti-tagged wall greets you as you enter L’Abreuvoir. The deep house sounds  vibrating through the bar will attract individuals to the terrace, which has an urban feel reminiscent of a massive garden shed party. There are several layers of patios, separated only by a few steps, with a DJ overlooking the party from the top. A grill is also set up in the back for anyone to use, so aside from the array of alcoholic beverages, many individuals come with Tupperwares filled with  food—a trait that greatly enhances the extraordinary ambiance of the bar. Customers share an unspoken desire to let loose in a casual atmosphere, with patrons getting up and dancing early on in the night. The counter sells sangria, beer, and mojito pitchers, and they have a huge array of local beers sold at a special price of $5 from 5 p.m to 8 p.m.

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