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Summer fashion tips for women


  • Festival essentials

    Music festival season is just around the corner. Wide-brimmed hats are an excellent measure to protect against both ultraviolet rays and raindrops, not to mention an added element of style for any outfit. From a sleek black hat with silver concho ornaments, to a more Western Suede-style hat that ties under the chin, wide brimmed hats range in a large pool of colours and shapes.

    Sunglasses are another indispensable accessory, with the eclectic shapes of the 1990s coming back into style. As far as apparel goes, a comfortable shift dress in a funky pattern is easy to pull off and will help keep you cool in a crowded audience. The loose fit will also allow you to comfortably groove out to various bands and musicians—play around with necklines to find what suits you best.

    Adding a necklace can also enhance the outfit; however, jewellery should be kept at a minimum so that nothing weighs you down too much. Finally, make sure you arrive at the concert with comfortable footwear. With the large landscape and uneven surfaces, it will be a lot easier on the feet.

  • Swimsuits not for swimming

    With the innovative and bold designs of bikinis available today, swimsuits have become more of a fashion statement than ever before. If the bikini top is in a flashy or bright print, a sheer or fishnet shirt is a subtle way to show it off while covering a bit more skin. If you decide to pair the swimsuit with a sporty skirt and clunky platform sandals, you are all set for a relaxing day with friends.

    A classic one-piece bathing suit that dips low in the back would also be a versatile addition to your summer closet. Paired with high-waisted jean shorts and a crisp baseball cap, you can easily embody your favourite John Hughes heroine. In contrast, go for a feminine and powerful ensemble by pairing the bathing suit with a long chiffon skirt and vintage cat-eye shades. This swimsuit can easily complement and complete a variety of looks. At the end of the day, this will also facilitate any spur-of-the-moment decision to head to the pool or the beach.

  • Classic jumper

    The jumper is one of the best fashion pieces that appear during the summer. The British dub jumpers as “playsuits,” which is quite fitting since it comes from the cute one-piece clothing children wear when it gets warm outside. Exuding a comfortable vibe and usually made of thin material, jumpers can simply be thrown on for a lazy morning to provide an effortless cool look. With a loose-legged number, tying a thin sweater or flannel around the waist of the jumper can provide it with slightly more structure. In soft neutral tones and paired with delicate silver jewellery or with a pair of sporty sandals, the jumper gives a minimalist vibe for the summer. Jumpers also come in ‘trompe-l’oeil’ styles, meaning that although it may look like a skirt at the bottom, it is actually a pair of shorts. Because they give off the impression of wearing a dress—especially with the flattering high, square neckline trending with jumpers right now—they can also be worn for more formal occasions. This shape is flattering for collarbones and shoulders, which is particularly perfect to highlight a healthy summer tan.

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