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Student of the Week: Pierre Compere

Although most students are still searching for their purpose at university, Pierre Compere, a U1 political science student, has found his calling to make an impact in the world through pursuing creativity and sharing his vision of beauty in the world through his work.

As the head of marketing for Word and Colour—a journal challenging stereotypes regarding minorities, women, and other marginalized groups—Compere is driven not only by the creativity behind the journal, but the themes behind the journal’s work.

“Our goals are to [direct] readers to question their assumptions while also delivering creative, gorgeous, and original e-collaborations,” Compere said.

Originally from Clermont-Ferrand, France, Compere grew up in Waitsfield, Vermont. As a child, his family regularly visited Montreal. It wasduring these visits that Compere fell in love with the city. He decided to study at McGill so that he could be surrounded by the youthful energy and thriving art scene.of Montreal.

“I am fascinated by art because of the creativity  it allows for,” Compere said. “To me, the idea of capturing a moment or sentiment and freezing it in time through any artistic medium is  fundamental to the human condition.”

An ambitious student, Compere was determined to get a job at Word and Colour. Liam Lachance, the head of Word and Colour, needed a social marketing intern for the summer. Although he had little experience, Compere managed to get an interview. He was determined to walk out of the interview with an internship, and has been working at Word and Colour ever since. Though the promotion to head of marketing was recent, Compere is excited to include even more of his ideas in the journal.

Word and Colour inspired Compere to pursue a job in entrepreneurship. As a witness to Lachance building the electronic journal from the ground up, Compere developed a desire to go into business.

“I’m going to be an entrepreneur,” he said. “If you have an idea, there’s nothing stopping you from manifesting it.”

Compere is looking forward to the excitement of starting a company, pointing out the creativity and vision required for success, and the positives of the freedom that will come from working for himself.

“I’d rather create my own [business],” Compere said. “I don’t like being limited by a set of rules.”

This inclination for a creative workspace has inspired Compere a to pursue a future in the arts.

“I see myself pursuing art in the sense that I see myself pursuing creativity and design,” he said. “I’ll never be a painter or a saxophone player, but I’ll incorporate my vision into everything I do.”

McGil Tribune (MT):  What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Pierre Compere (PC): Cookie dough.!

MT: What’s  your favourite spot in Montreal?

PC:  Pikolo Espresso Bar. Amazing coffee and atmosphere. I’ve got a lot of cool memories in that place.

MT:  Where would you like to be stranded for the rest of your life?

PC: Maybe Paris or Rome. Somewhere with history.

MT:  What’s your favourite food?

PC:  Chef on Call, chicken parm sandwich with spicy mayo inside the sandwich. The key is the spicy mayo. Don’t forget it! You might not believe me now, but if anyone actually orders this when they get home at 3:00 a.m. after a night on Saint- Laurent—I told you so.

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