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Student of the Week: Candice Taguibao

Candice Taguibao, a U1 physiology student, is an athlete, an aspiring doctor, a teamplayer, and a fundraiser—all of which contribute to her aspiration of a career in medicine.

Taguibao attributes her diligence to her background in sports. She was the captain of her volleyball team in high school and is currently on a co-ed volleyball team called Get Spiked. In addition to playing regular intramural matches, she goes to drop-in volleyball at the Athletics Centre, where she can regroup and practice with the rest of her teammates. Taguibao has  also played tennis from a young age, which contributes to her strong sense of sportsmanship and determination.

“I trained […] a lot, and it’s really fun,” Taguibao said. “You learn a lot of discipline, which I’m really thankful for. But it’s also really fun and beneficial when you play a sport with a team [like volleyball] where you get to celebrate together and encourage each other.”

Taguibao also works with other students as a member of the MedLife fundraising committee, a McGill club that promotes medicine, education, and development for low-income families. Taguibao knew that she wanted to join a club in her first year, and decided on MedLife because she strongly agreed with its mandate. 

“I like how it emphasizes medicine, education, and development—all which I think are necessary to improving someone’s standard of living,” she said. 

In particular, Taguibao enjoys being a part of the fundraising committee because by organizing events, she gets a tangible demonstration of her hard work and success.

“Last year, we did a coffee house event where we got a lot of cultural clubs and musical groups to come,” she said. “Bringing the community together that way was really cool, and it was nice to be a part of something [where] you work together, create an event, and actually get to see it through.” 

Taguibao’s passion for medicine and helping others have inspired her to pursue a career as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OBGYN).

“As a woman, I’ve always had a passion to work with other women,” Taguibao said. “As a doctor, I want to be able to have a personal relationship with my patients.”

This past summer, in addition to being a tennis coach at two different locations, Taguibao volunteered with an OBGYN at Markham Stouffville Hospital. Taguibao said that what struck her most about her experience was the busy and demanding lifestyle that OBGYNs lead, which is one she realized she would like to follow.

“[Since] I only interacted with [the OBGYN] personally and not with any of the patients, I mostly got to learn from his personality,” she said. “He was [busy and] hard working, and he always cared about his patient, which I found really inspiring. It’s definitely [a lifestyle] that I can see myself leading.” 

Taguibao hopes to foster a safe medical environment where others receive the same sense of community support that she herself has benefitted from in all of her endeavours. 

McGill Tribune (MT): What would be on your ideal pizza?

Candice Taguibao (CT): Broccoli, bacon, a lot of cheese, and a winky face drawn in barbecue sauce.

MT: Favourite  and least favourite celebrity couple?

CT: Least favourite would be Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Favourite would be Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

MT: What’s your go-to TV show?

CT: 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. 

MT: Your biggest pet peeve?

CT: When people chew gum very loudly.

MT: You have to hear one song on repeat for the rest of you life. Which one do you choose?

CT: Hey Jude by the Beatles.

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