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Student of the Week: Sean Reginio

Q: Why are you an asset to McGill?

A: If you come at me with your hand raised, I will confidently high five it.*

Q: If you could high five anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

A: Andre the Giant, because he has big hands.

Q: What is your secret talent?

A: Yeah, I don’t have one of those…

Q: Mac or PC?

A: I have a PC, but I dream of having a Mac.

Q: If you were a city in Canada, which one would you be and why?

A: Missisauga, Ontario, because  it has the most character and it is also the best one.

Q: Are you from there? 

A: No. Maybe.

Q:  What’s your go-to hangover cure?

A: Oh man. Eggs. Just eggs. Scrambled with rice.

Q: Name one song that reminds you of your high school graduation.

A: The song. You know the song.

Q: How many times have you been to Gerts?

A: Oh man. Like 10. I’m pretty cool.

Q: What’s your favourite Disney movie?

A: That’s tough. I’m going to say D2: The Mighty Ducks. I used to watch it every day when I was in grade five. Like I’d do my homework, watch MD2, and then go to bed. I didn’t have [part] 1 or 3, [but] they were good movies too.

Q: Football or hockey?

A: Football. Go Falcons!

Q: Name one actor from Friends.

A: Jennifer Aniston?

Q: Owen Wilson or Luke Wilson?

A: Owen Wilson is funnier, but Luke Wilson is better looking. I’m more into personality so, Owen.

Q: Name one fashion trend you’ll never try again.

A: None.

Q: What’s your favourite artist or band from the ‘90s?

A: Does Nelly count?

Q: What reality TV show are you perfect for?

A: I would do well on The Apprentice because those guys are idiots. Can I say that? Yeah.

Q: What’s your signature drink?

A: Oh… Diet Pepsi.

Q: What’s the first word you think of when I say Redpath?

A: Library. That’s boring. Redpath… Sugar.

(Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)
(Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)

Q: Describe McGill in 3 words.

A: Party, fun, YOLO.

Q: Which section of the McGill Tribune is your favourite?

A: Sports. And student living.

Q: Who would star in the story of your life?

A: Justin Bieber.

Q: If you could go back in time to any historical event, which one would you go to and why?

A: I would go back to… I’m not a history person… The one time I hit two home runs in my little league baseball tournament. That was the best day of my life.

*Editor’s note: In addition to being a high five professional, Sean works for Vision 2020 and the Office of Sustainability, is a Don at Royal Victoria College, and is a vice-president with SIFE McGill.


  1. Too cool for school.

  2. waste of space. but the compendium satire of it is brilliant.

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