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Student asks question in last few minutes of lecture, receives annoyed glares from everyone

With only two minutes remaining in the lecture for MATH 140, an eager student, Andrew Smith-Appleby, said he didn’t understand question two of the problem set, and asked how to evaluate a equation.

“The prof was just reminding us about an assignment we had due the following week, usually a sign that the lecture is coming to an end—another sign being that we had two minutes left in class—when this kid in the front row shot his hand up in the air,” said Michael Steinberg. “What a jerk.”

Although another lecture was supposed to start in that classroom, the professor didn’t seem to notice, or care, and spent the next 20 minutes going into excruciating detail on how to solve the problem. He also started talking about his sailboat.

Some of the students from the class started a petition to be let off 20 minutes early from next week’s lecture as well as to have negative credit assigned to Smith-Appleby.

“Every minute we go over in lecture is a ridiculous waste of my time and should be a one per cent reduction off this joker’s final mark,” said Steinberg.

“I pay $7,202.10 to learn at McGill, every extra minute I get to learn is just an added bonus, I love learning and I love…” Smith-Appleby said before he was interrupted by Steinberg punching him in the face.

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