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Spring into style

Most McGill students know all too well that when the faintest signs of spring arise, there will always be a few students on campus who bust out their spring/summer clothes far too prematurely.  Even though the first day of spring is technically March 20, this date is deceiving to McGillians, as snow has been known to grace the campus well into April while bringing sadness, annoyance, and frustration along with it.

Warm weather will come eventually, though, and when it does, a (further) lack of desire to study will likely affect many students. To combat this pain, one can turn to a well-tested and widely recommended mood alleviator: Retail therapy. Browsing and picking out a few spring items will make the awkward weather adjustment much smoother, and give students something to look forward to in light of the looming final exam season.  

This spring, certain staple items such as the trench coat have been reimagined, and other completely new items like the sleeveless long vest are popping up at most popular retail stores. Suede is also trendy right now and is great for the spring weather, as it’s more substantial than cotton or silkier fabrics. These additions to stores’ Spring 2016 collections are pictured below. 

Classics like striped shirts and light wash jeans are still prominent, and together make an easy outfit to assemble. In an economical sense, light wash jeans can’t be worn all season long, so splurging on them compared to dark wash denim might not make the most sense for everyone. 

With some time and research, less expensive versions of spring staple items can be found that your future self will be thankful for. Below are some spring wardrobe suggestions that can be catered to different budgets. 

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