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Spring fashion features refreshing outfits

With the rise in temperature over the past week, it is evident that spring weather is just around the corner. After experiencing the long winter and cycling through the same combinations of outfits warm enough for the Montreal winter, it’s time to let loose and experiment. Put away the common McGill winter apparel of puffy parkas, Canada goose jackets, and chunky boots.

  • Artsy minis

    Montreal springs are not quite warm enough to forgo a coat, which is an advantage. Break out your houndstooth trenches, waterproof windbreakers, and cool jean jackets. Complement them with a loud, eye-catching miniskirt. Any bright pattern, colour, or textured material would be flattering in an A-line shape and would look vivid peeping out under a jacket. After a long season of drab neutral tones, a pop of colour could be refreshing. On top of that, the tennis-skirt fit is fun but not too provocative and is comfortable enough for lecture hall seats. To \create a classic look, add a turtleneck shirt on top. Finally, you have the option to finish the outfit with tights.

  • These rain boots are made for walkin’

    Although rain boots may seem to be more of a utility than a fashion statement, there have been a much wider variety of trendy rain boots available to choose from lately. Whether it’s a sturdy-looking zip-up boot with a slight heel, a rubber Chelsea boot, some clear lace-ups, or the classic tall black rain boots, rain boots are a handy fashion statement. With the melting snow and probable precipitation, rain boots will shield you from the discomfort of wet socks. They also offer a new way to play with texture and shape. Mixing knits with the shiny rubber will instantly add interest to your outfit. Wearing a longer skirt and tall rain boots to expose only the knees offers a unique shape. It’s also easy to go in the opposite direction and commit wholeheartedly to the plastic—this means glossy raincoat, clear bag, and maybe some reflexive shades.

  • Flair for flare

    It’s always exciting when classics re-emerge under a new shape and form. Flared pants used to be the emblem of the hippie movement during the ’80s, but today, they’ve also taken on a modern twist. Wide-leg flared jeans that skim the floor give a structured and powerful look. They can be easily matched with a light sweater, white dress shirt, or boxy jacket, and topped off with a wide-brim hat and dark sunglasses. An alternative would be comfortable satin pants that flares just above the ankles. With just a sliver of skin showing above some chunky platform boots, this look is edgy with minimal effort. Skinnies are easy to wear and super flattering, but once in a while, it’ll be nice to work with something new.

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