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It can be hard to sift through the millions of applications available for your smartphone. There are apps for reading and writing and arithmetics, apps for games and gags, and managing your green. Since it can be overwhelming to sift through them on your own, here are some of the top apps for Montrealers.

STM Mobile

Having ridden the bus exactly one time in the past four years, I can’t stress enough how important it is to know when the bus is coming. After all, time spent waiting outside for the bus is time spent getting frostbite. This app tells you when the next bus is scheduled to arrive at your stop, so you can run outside just in time to catch it. At $0.99, it does cost a bit of money; but it’s better than freezing outside waiting for the bus.


Montreal has some great restaurants, you just need to know how to find them. RestoMontreal is a restaurant guide website for all of Montreal, and their free mobile app is great for diners on the move looking for an alternative to eating at Frite Alors! again.

Bixou Lite

In the depths of winter, it’s hard to remember a time when Bixis roamed the streets of Montreal. That day will soon return, and when it does, be prepared with Bixou Lite, a free app that tells you the number of remaining bikes at nearby docks. Never get caught empty-docked again.

Clubber Montreal

Montreal has one of the greatest nightlife scenes in the world. Clubber Montreal helps you keep track of all the bars and clubs in the city through an easy-to-use app. Clubber Montreal will show you nearby bars, help you manage your favourite spots, and pre-order bottle service if you’re feeling fancy. The app is free, so with the money you save downloading it, you can buy another round.

Old Montreal Guide

Montreal is named after the iconic mountain in the centre of town, Mount Royal. That’s about as much as this McGill student knows about the town’s history. Check out this free app for more details, specifically on touring Old Montreal. If you haven’t been to this part of the city yet, now’s a good time to go, and this app will help show you around.

Montreal Museums

For the more cultured among us, this app provides a guide to the museums of Montreal. If you’re looking to visit a museum other than the McCord during your time in the city, this free app is what you need.

Taxi Quebec

Most cabs have their phone numbers written somewhere on the cab, but this can be a real catch-22 when you’re looking to hail one. This free app contains a listing of all the (registered) taxi services in Quebec, as well as their phone numbers.

Ȋle Sans Fil

In my four years at McGill, I haven’t yet figured out what a “sans fil” is, but I did have one on my burger once, and it was all right. This free app finds wi-fi hotspots around town for you, so you can pick a good place to plop down your laptop and get to glisser-ing, or surfing for you Anglophones.

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