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Library Reviews: Episode 5 – Howard Ross

The faculty of Management at McGill is most well known for three things: having the best cafeteria, their new tuition model for graduate students, and not having class on Fridays. You won’t hear

too much about their library, though. Situated on the corner of Sherbrooke and McTavish, the Bronfman building houses the faculty of Management and their Howard Ross library of Management. The library caters specifically to management students with numerous of meeting rooms for group projects and an open area where noise is tolerated.

Noise Level – Most of the time I was in Howard Ross, I felt like I was making too much noise, either due to my typing or page turning. Besides the clickity-clack of the nearby computer keyboards, it was pretty quiet, aside from the occasional hushed whisper. Bottom Line: I had no problems going headphones-less in this library. (5/5)

Accessibility – The Bronfman building, at the corner of Sherbrooke and McTavish isn’t much farther for most library-goers than McLennan or Cybertheque. For those on the “other side” of campus, it’s a bit closer. It is open until 9:00 p.m. weeknights, and 6:00 p.m. on weekends, which is kind of early for night owls like myself. Bottom Line: It’s certainly no trek to get there, but if you plan on staying late, head elsewhere. (3/5)

Study Setup – The Management library has the same desks and chairs as McLennan, comfortable and private, with enough electricity for all of your appliances. However, as they’re only in pairs, it feels less claustrophobic than McLennan. There are a number of computers in two areas for those without laptops. The study rooms look great for working on group projects, but I didn’t try it out. Bottom Line: Comfortable chairs, great desks, and accommodations for all. (5/5)

Facilities – Howard Ross is in the same building as the Management cafeteria, or just across the way from the Redpath cafeteria. While the Management cafeteria isn’t always open, it’s not too far from downtown, so other options are available if it’s closed. The rather unimpressive bathrooms are just outside of the library doors, which isn’t too far to go. Bottom Line: While food isn’t far, a decent bathroom might be. (4/5)

Décor – Bronfman is definitely not the most appealing building on campus. The front part of the interior is quite nice, although the walls are lined with shameless self-promotion of the faculty. The

library’s setting is rather unremarkable. Window seats look over Sherbrooke, McTavish, and the alley, with nothing exciting to see. Bottom Line: To put it nicely, Howard Ross is distraction-free.  (3/5).

Overall Appeal – Howard Ross is definitely one of those libraries you chose to get some serious work done. If you don’t mind the dull scenery, it serves that purpose quite well – it was definitely the quietest of the libraries I’ve been to. Perhaps the biggest hidden perk is being able to tell your friends that you went to the “manbrary” today – that is, a contraction of Management-library. Bottom Line: Howard Ross is best described as just another library on campus. (4/5)

Total Score: 24/30 [1st]

Strengths: Noise Level, Study Setup

Weaknesses: Décor

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