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In lockdown, time for takeout

Students’ busy schedules and––mostly––amateur cooking skills makes getting takeout food a huge comfort. During another COVID-19 wave, it’s also especially important to support local restaurants—and when possible, remember to avoid corporate delivery services and order directly from businesses. For when you have no time to cook, or just want to summon a special treat, The McGill Tribune brings you six local restaurants with a wide range of delicious options that can be brought to your door. 

Nouilles Zhonghua 

Nothing brings comfort, especially in the winter, like a slurp-worthy bowl of noodles. 

Though students might not be able to pass this quintessential noodle spot on their way to class in person with remote school, they can always bring the tastes of campus home for around $12-15 a bowl. As many students know, the noodles here are hand-pulled, giving them a chewy texture primed for flavour-soaked bites. Try their classic Lanzhou beef noodles, the oil spill noodles for extra spice, or their vegetable noodles, which ditches the meat without scrimping on umami flavour.


This family-run Venezuelan spot has two locations you can order from—one in Little Italy and the other in the Plateau. Bocadillo is famous for its arepas, a South American staple bread made from cornmeal. Stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, shredded chicken, beef, egg, avocado, and even passion fruit pork, these tasty creations come in a wide selection of forms to excite your taste buds. If you’re looking to pair your meal with a dessert, try their Venezuelan caramel flan or Tres Leches. Dishes here cost around $12-14, and can be ordered through their online portal

Qinghua Dumpling 

You can find this restaurant’s dumplings at either of their locations, in Chinatown or near Guy-Concordia. They serve a large variety of dumpling flavours in sets of 15, from pork and corn, to beef and cheese, to pumpkin. For a less adventurous and more staple choice, the pork and coriander dumpling is one of the most popular menu items among locals. If you find yourself close to the area, you can also pick up some frozen dumplings or wontons to save for later meals. Though it varies depending on the filling flavour, an order typically costs around $15. 

6 Green Banana Grassroots Jamaican Food

Bordering Milton Park and the Plateau, this Jamaican food spot is operating at reduced hours from 12-7 p.m., Friday to Saturday. They offer traditional dishes and vegetarian alternatives. Highlights include the jerk chicken roti and jerk tofu. Locals rave about the rich combination of slow-cooked flavours in each dish, as well as the generous portions, priced at $15. 

Restaurant Queen Sheba 

Located on Park Ave just steps away from Jeanne Mance Park, this venue offers a variety of hearty Ethiopian dishes, including both traditional meat stews and a vegan menu. As Ethiopian food is usually enjoyed communally, this would be a great spot to order from for a special dinner with roommates. Try the classic Doro Wat, a red-coloured chicken stew simmered in an Ethiopian red pepper sauce and topped with fresh cheese. Queen Sheba’s vegan options are just as flavourful—to share with a friend, or simply to indulge in yourself, try the Yetsom Beyaynetu, a set of three vegan dishes of your choice made complete with their freshly baked injera. 

Faroujj Express

Tucked in the Galeries du Parc mall, this Lebanese food spot can be easy to miss in the underground food court if you’re not a regular. The Shish Taouk plate and Shawarma are must-tries that provide comfort without denting your wallet. Their sides—especially the crispy garlic potatoes, seasonally prepared salads, and creamy hummus—deserve their own spotlights. Just make sure to get your orders in early, as this restaurant closes at 6 p.m. 

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