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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in lockdown

Whether you’re single, coupled, or ‘it’s complicated,’ one thing is for sure: This Valentine’s Day won’t be like any other. Even though Montreal has extended its stay-at-home orders, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate this heartfelt holiday. Below, The McGill Tribune shares eight ways you can get the most out of your Valentine’s day.

Hunt for roses at Old Port

If you’re looking for a grand gesture to make this Valentine’s Day, MFleurs, a Montreal-based florist, recently launched an initiative called “In Case of Love at First Sight.” The company has hidden boxes filled with roses in various spots across the city. 

“[This initiative was born] to spread a bit of joy during this time [and to promote] a bit of togetherness and love,” co-owner Angela Martignetti said in an interview with the Tribune

There are 500 roses hidden all around the city, so who knows—perhaps you’ll come across one on your next walk.

Support a local restaurant by ordering takeout 

Sure, you won’t be able to sit down in a restaurant with your special someone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic dinner together. In fact, ordering-in can make the occasion even more intimate. If you’re hungry for Italian, Weinstein and Gavinos is a classic option offering a sweeping selection of pasta, pizza, and more—including desserts like their delectable Nutella cheesecake. For sushi, try Sushi Momo, a vegan restaurant specializing in sushi rolls and Japanese entrees. Either way, decking out your dining room table with some candles and ordering in is a surefire way to enjoy this holiday.

Try your hand at handmade gifts

With many businesses closed, shopping for a Valentine’s Day present is a bit more complicated this year. However, nothing beats the pleasure of receiving a handmade gift. Whether you create a D.I.Y. pop-up card for your partner or make a keychain crafted with an inside joke, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate this unique gift made especially for them.

Impress your partner with your glamorous lockdown style

Are you rotating between sweatpants and pyjama bottoms? Or maybe you’ve given up on wearing bottoms altogether? In any case, there’s no reason why quarantine style can’t be glamorous. Impress your partner with your chic blanket skirt wrapped around your waist, a fashion staple for every occasion. Or, if skirts aren’t your thing, the blanket cape is a slick alternative. You can also go back to the basics by trying out the suggestions in this article from The New Yorker describing five innovative ways to style your sweatpants.

Get to know your partner even more deeply

Being around someone 24/7 is enough to test the limits of any relationship. That said, being unable to leave your house means the two of you can get to know each other on an even deeper level. Test your knowledge on them by guessing all their favourite things or try out these 36 questions to fall in love. For extra fun, you might even consider turning this into a drinking game.

Meet your special someone on Datamatch

Single and looking to fall in love, or just looking for a new friend? No problem! Datamatch is a student-created and student-run matchmaking service first launched in 1994. The platform operates at over 35 universities, including McGill. Starting Feb. 7, you can fill out the entertaining survey and on Valentine’s Day, your matches will be released. At the very least, you’ll have a laugh or two and who knows, you might even find true love.

Binge-watch a romantic Netflix series

If you’re looking for a romantic movie and finally sick of rewatching Love Actually, try out a classic reality love show. Love is Blind will melt your heart as contestants declare their undying love for each other through a wall just three days after meeting. Looking for something a little lighter? Instead, try watching participants on Too Hot to Handle resist the temptation to get physical with one another or risk losing $100,000.

Spend the day with friends

Although platonic friendships are often overlooked on this holiday, these relationships can be some of the most vital and meaningful connections in our lives. Whether you’re with your roommates, meeting friends over Zoom, or gathering for a virtual movie night on Netflix Party, there’s nothing like spending Valentine’s Day with your closest friends.

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